Searching the Blue – Steve Klink

1. Peri’s Winkle Blues ii [... or see a video of this song performed by the trio]
2. Starting Over iii
3. Figurin’ a Question iv
4. Three Journies (Africa)
5. The Gospel Truth
6. Silently Searching
7. St. Emmanuel Shout v
8. Days Drift Slowly By
9. Askin’
10. Duke’s Boots vi [... or see a video of this song performed by the trio]
11. The Moon Rose…. vii
12. Mayen Song [... or see a video of this song performed by the trio]
13. A Minor Thing viii

Steve Klink – Piano
Marcus Rieck – Drums
Henning Gailing & Volker Heinze i – Bass
All music and arrangements by Steve Klink
About “Searching the Blue”, songwriting and Iowa Folk artists:

In the Midwest of America where I grew up you can hear singer/songwriters in local bars and coffee shops everywhere, performing mostly solo, accompanying themselves on guitar. During my childhood in Iowa I heard singer/songwriters of all possible tastes and abilities. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a great live performance of a well-written, freshly conceived song by a talented singer/songwriter. I always liked Greg Brown especially, and to hear him in duo with Bo Ramsey was just magical.

So try to imagine this new CD Searching the Blue as a singer/songwriter performance. Only instead of a one-man voice and guitar show it is performed by a classic “jazz” piano trio. There are folk songs, some blues songs but instead of rock ‘n’ roll there are some Bugaloos and Gospel Shouts, a little Bebop and plenty of swing. Each piece of music is more of a song than a composition. It tells a simple story, without words. Some songs are extremely simple but some are much longer with more complicated forms. But no matter how long a form becomes (for example, “A Minor Thing” or “Askin’”) the basic building blocks are still single folky ideas. This was the original idea behind Searching the Blue. This is why I like to call the music on this CD Folkbop and not Jazz.

More about “Searching the Blue”

Recorded at Topaz Studio in Cologne, Germany by Reinhard Kobialka
Record Company: DMG
Distributor: Broken Silence
Design by Zvone Kukec


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