The Ocean – Steve Klink


1. A Bit of This *
2. Cold Feet
3. Slo Blues *
4. Just in Time – Styne/Comden/Green
5. Further Along – American Traditional *
6. The Bitter Truth *
7. Just One of Those Things – Cole Porter
8. On the Shore
9. The Ocean – Led Zeppelin
10. Roof (Over My Head) *
11. Possibilities (Of a Storm)
12. After It Rains
Bonus tracks:
18. – 78. Kinds of Waves * – a tribute to John Cage
79. Castles Made of Sand – Jimi Hendrix

Steve Klink, piano, fender rhodes. All songs and arrangements by Steve Klink except where indicated

Volker Heinze, bass
Marcus Rieck, drums
*special guests “Slo Horns”:
David Jarh, trumpet, flugelhorn
Tadej Tomšič, tenor saxophone
Rok Štirn, trombone

CD Design by Jana Pečečnik

Never before released on CD

“Kinds of Waves” is an aleatoric composition made up of 61 segments, the pieces of which can be randomly mixed. All of the segments can be played in any order, so each different sequence of segments is a different version of the composition. In other words: this is a composition that can be listened-to “normally” from beginning to end—or when the pieces are scrambled in any other order, and then played from beginning to end. To do this live the musician’s notes are written on individual cards, thrown into the air, mixed up and then played in the order they fell.

The same result can be achieved by importing CD tracks 18 to 78 onto a computer’s music browser such as iTunes and then listening to these 61 tracks in shuffle mode. Some CD players allow you to play selected tracks in shuffle mode as well.

The composition is also a poem: each of the 61 segments has a unique name or set of words which can be read and displayed by .mp3 and newer CD players. As the CD plays, the poem unfolds on the CD track viewer giving the listener another level of interaction with the music.

There are many ways to listen to and experience this project. My suggestions:
1. Listen to the The Ocean from beginning to end.
2. Listen to The Ocean on your CD player in shuffle mode. I call this version of The Ocean “Islands”.

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